Top Men’s Style Mistakes


The Business world is full of competition. For those competing with other agencies or companies for clients, how about co-workers competing with their colleagues for that promotion or for those competing with other job seekers. We spend hours tweaking our LinkedIn profile or crafting e-mails to try and make ourselves look desirable or credible to whomever we are trying to impress. This helps us get their attention but then we get to the interview or a meeting with the prospective client and they see someone who’s physical image doesn’t match up to the image they perceived online.

Just like that your first impression has you underwhelming those you are trying to impress. You’ve just wasted all of your hard work on your resume, LinkedIn profile/online presence and all those hours searching for a job by showing up and giving a poor first impression.

Our goal is to help our clients give a great impression, one that says you are professional, respectable, confident and competent. You can start saying that with what you are wearing, however, there are style mistakes Men commonly make that you can fix very quickly.

Men’s Style Mistakes

1.) Ill Fitting clothing


Of course as a Men’s Fine Fashion company that works with made-to-measure clothing we have to put this one first. But this is why we started our business. I was having coffee with a friend back when the idea for Cardero Clothing was being born and a man in his mid 20’s came out of the coffee shop wearing a suit that was hanging off of him. My immediate reaction was he was an intern or an assistant at an office somewhere. The impression he was making at his job is more than likely killing him in his career.

Most people think of having a suit made from scratch to their measurements and customization’s is expensive. I assure you it’s not anymore. Our two piece suits start at $499 and only takes three-four weeks to get to you. What you wear is so important, I encourage you to contact us to at least talk about the process. I hate seeing ambitious Men making mistakes that are easy to fix. So now that the self-promotion is over, read on and let’s fix these mistakes.

2.) Shirt Showing Below Your Dress Shirt


Wearing a crew neck shirt or any shirt other than an undershirt or compression shirt underneath your dress shirt doesn’t work, lose it immediately. You can button the top button up without a tie if you want to hide the chest hair but it isn’t taboo to have the top button undone and show a little skin. It doesn’t matter how fancy, fitting and expensive that dress shirt is, seeing the white crew neck underneath, whether it is at the neck line or around your biceps ruins the whole look.

3.) Not Matching Patterns or Colors Properly

Too Much Pattern

Adding patterns and colours to your wardrobe should be done carefully. You want them to pop and not clash. Take the picture above, he has four patterns in one look…four! The glen check jacket & pants, houndstooth vest, striped shirt and polka dot tie. The colours work well, but the patterns are too much. As for the following look…

Pattern done right

…he is wearing a black and white glen check suit jacket where he has brought out the black from the jacket into his vest and the white from the jacket is complimented in the shirt and pocket square. He has also added the subtle herringbone pattern in the tie. Two patterns that are different sizes and the colours are complimenting each other.

4.) Missing the Pocket Square


The outfit itself is very well put together but by adding a pocket square it can bring the whole outfit together. A white pocket square would bring out the white in the tie or a subtle coloured pocket square on this monochromatic look can bring a pop into the outfit that adds personality. There are many different pocket square folds to choose from to also add a little personality, I prefer the puff but you can have the classic square fold that goes in any environment.

5.) Thinking Baggy Clothing is a “Power Suit”

Power Suit

A power suit is wide peak lapels, with a matching traditional tie, pin stripes and tailored! Having the pants sag over the shoes or the jacket reach past your hands doesn’t mean you are powerful. A tailored suit with the right customization’s will portray the message you want to get across.

6.) Buttoning Up


The bottom button of the jacket and vest should always be left undone. The jacket was created to have the bottom button left undone, doing it up ruins the way the jacket drapes.

7.) Tie Too High or Too Low


The end of the tie should just touch the top of your belt buckle, no more and no less.

8.) Wearing A Tie Bar with a Vest (Waistcoat)

tie bar

Wearing a tie bar with a vest is redundant. I admit to making this mistake early on but the point of a tie bar is to keep the tie in place, when it is tucked underneath the vest it is doing just that. Save the accessorizing to a lapel pin in this instance.

9.) Bulky Pockets

This is a hard one for me, I have my cell phone, normal wallet, business wallet and bulky car keys. If you don’t have a briefcase or bag to carry things in your best bet is to leave a few keys or cards at home you don’t use on the regular. For me, my wallet goes in my back pocket, phone in the front left inside breast pocket and the front right jacket pocket gets my keys. They hide them well enough and they aren’t too heavy to ruin the shape of the jacket.

10.) Suspenders with Belt Loops


If you love to wear suspenders we can have your pants created without belt loops and only suspender buttons like our friend on Instagram @DogsLoveTrucks does with his pants. It is a clean, classy and professional look that lets others know you pay attention to the details.

11.) Wearing a Lighter Coloured Tie Than Your Dress Shirt


The tie should always be darker than the dress shirt. If you are willing to venture into really dark dress shirts make sure you plan ahead to find a tie that goes well with it. The ultimate goal is to know your wardrobe well so every time you buy an article of clothing you have a picture in your head of what you are going to pair it with.

12.) Always Taking GQ’s Advice

You’re a professional, and if you are trying to find your style or learn some style tips stay away from GQ the majority of the time. A lot of these fashion magazines are not for you, you need to look professional and timeless, it’s not the time to be fashion forward. Wearing shorter pants that show your socks while standing or having a one button suit can work in the right environment but not at the office.


You may not like or even agree with what we have said here and your office may be a little more flexible, but when you are starting out especially you don’t want to try and make fashion statements. Your first outfit choice should be timeless and classy while sneaking in personality where you see fit, make that first great impression with your outfit. But please also remember, once you have that job or client nothing speaks louder than hard work and building relationships.

We want to be a part of your success story so contact us if it is time to recreate yourself through your wardrobe!

Please do not hesitate to let us know what you think! Whether you agree or disagree or if there is anything you want to add please comment below, let us know on Social Media or e-mail us!

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Outfit Overview #5 – Wardrobe Mix & Matching On Top of the Clouds

My mother-in-law turned 65 earlier this month so the whole family took her up Grouse Mountain for dinner. If you are not familiar with Vancouver or if you are but haven’t been up Grouse Mountain I strongly suggest you go! Normally when locals and tourists ascend Grouse it is up the Grouse Grind. A grueling hike that ends basically going straight up the mountain, it usually takes me about 50 minutes and buckets of sweat. However with my 32 weeks pregnant wife and us all well-dressed we took the Gondola.

Blog Teaser Pano

Mix and Match


I don’t believe I am able to mix and match my wardrobe as much as I like but I did just that on this night. I started by choosing my Cardero Clothing navy blue glen plaid dress pants (can’t see the pattern in the pictures) and adding my Cardero Clothing light grey suit jacket. I preferred the darker on the bottom to break up the blue a little bit. The navy blue glen plaid suit I own is by far my most popular, clients love it and when I wear it I can almost guarantee they will be interested in a navy blue suit of their own. A side note, the custom lining I have on the jacket is a silver world map, again it is a highly favored by my clients.

Up Top

When it came to the dress shirt I was choosing between our solid white 100% cotton or our 100% 2-ply cotton grey that would off-set the grey suit a little bit but I went with the essential white. The grey almost swayed me because I love the feel of the fabric but I wanted the rest of the look to pop so I chose the white. From there the tie was easy, I chose our two tone blue argyle with silver since the navy matched the pants and the light blue in the tie matched the baby blue herringbone pocket square I wanted to wear. I love the pocket square because the pattern is subtle, and my favorite in a herringbone, and the color is very soft. I have added it to our essentials package because I believe it is extremely versatile.



The Details

The tie knot is an oriental knot, something simple & of course I had to add my OneBarCo tie bar. I bought it on their first Kickstarter campaign and I wear it every chance I get. Since I chose to go sans vest it was only fitting to throw it on. As for the dress socks I went with my gateway to colorful socks pair that has received a lot of wear with the aqua to add another layer of blue to the look. I was going to wear my baby blue striped but they were in the wash since I wear those a lot with my chelsea or chukka boots. To top it off the brown shoes are from someone fashion I admire, Kenneth Cole.



I had fun with it, playing with different ideas and I wore it with pride. On top of the mountain you get all different types of people, the birdwatcher, the avid hiker or the snowshoer, skier and snowboarder milking every last bit of the season, then you have us all dressed up going for a great dinner with a view. It is one of the main reasons I love Vancouver, no matter where you go you will find all different walks of life coming together.

-Derek Burbidge (Owner of Cardero Clothing)

My gorgeous wife and I (32 weeks pregnant!)
View of Vancouver from the Gondola ride down.

What do you think of this outfit?

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Outfit Overview Guest Post – @Meeeotch

Throughout this year we will have a few guest posts by fashion influencer’s and fashion bloggers who have worn our product. They will give us a run down of their outfit and how they chose to put it together to give our readers & clients a better idea on how the “pro’s” dress. First up is our friend from Instagram @Meeeotch who currently boasts a following of over 20,000 and if you see his profile you know why, he does a great job at putting outfits together.

Guest Blog #1: Meeeotch

This look was planned around my purple Cardero necktie. When planning my daily looks I generally start out by first selecting a suit, but on this day I chose the tie first.  I really wanted to make the necktie speak for the entire outfit.  I chose a dark midnight blue suit because I felt the deepness of the blue worked very nicely with the vibrant purple tie.  The plain white dress shirt was a simple way for me to ensure that the purple popped properly.  The pocket square was chosen because the purple in the floral pattern went so well with the purple of the tie.  The lapel pin was selected because I wanted to highlight the color purple one more time.  This was a fun outfit for me to plan.  The necktie was an instant win for me, my peers and clients.  I love purple, and I love textured / patterned ties. I knew exactly what I was going to wear it with the moment I took it out of the box.


What do you think of these outfits?

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If you love his style, please also check out Meeeotch on Instagram!

Outfit Overview #3

The Well Put Together


Let’s go straight to the windowpane suit pattern since it is very popular with our clients, if they don’t choose this pattern you can guarantee it’s in their short list. The above picture is a bolder pattern than what most people choose but it helps to illustrate the point. The windowpane pattern itself is blue, so it limits your options on what you can wear with it. Which is why most of our clients opt for a solid color suit or a white pattern instead.

Blue is the obvious best choice to pair with the suit but you can overdue it. So let’s go over the rules that were followed with this look and why it is so well put together.

  • The shirt is lighter than the tie. A good rule to follow when putting outfits together.
  • The shirt could be a solid blue color but they opted for the blue and white stripe which is further used in the rest of the outfit.
  • The blue in the shirt is a close match to the pattern on the suit, pulling the two pieces together.
  • The tie is darker than the shirt with a complimenting color. It also has white polka dots that tie (no pun intended) into the shirt and the pocket square.
  • The pocket square is the essential white that we highly recommend every Gentleman owns. It is a subtle match to the tie and even the shirt’s white stripes.

All together this outfit is very well put together with the color matching. Although we do not recommend this suit for your first, we do believe it is great once you have the essentials in your wardrobe.

The Try Too Hard


Now most of these pieces separately I don’t mind, except the bow tie unless you are a Winnipeg Blue Bombers fan it’s not my style, but all together it is too much. The attempt at muting the look with the vest was a good idea but everything else is so loud and clashing it’s hard to look at. I see this as more of a clowns wardrobe at a Bombers CFL game, but anyways, let’s move on to specifics.

  • There are 3 patterns competing in this outfit with the check suit pattern (which I love) to the striped dress shirt pattern and the bow tie. I would stick to two and opt for losing the bow tie and maybe inverting the dress shirt pattern where the white is more evident over the blue.
  • The vest was a good idea to try and bring a solid color into the look but the cream to beige color was just another addition that wasn’t needed. I would opt for pulling one of the colors out of the suit instead.
  • With those two in mind I would add a white pocket square over the blue with a simple square fold. With everything already going on to add another dynamic to the look with the pocket square folded the way it is just draws the eye again. Pick a focal point and play off of it, don’t keep adding eye catchers.
  • The bow tie needs to go and a solid color needs to be put in place of it. It brings the look down to only two patterns in the shirt and jacket which simplifies the look.

The takeaways from this look are:

  • Choose one focal point and play off of that
  • Only have 2 patterns in your look unless the third is very subtle
  • Never have patterns the same size
  • Don’t overdo it with color.

What do you think of these outfits?

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What Should Be In My Wardrobe?

We have our very own list of essentials explained on our blog & website that our clients are able to purchase, but what products do you need to build a strong wardrobe? We run through the essentials here. If you already have most of these congratulations it’s time to expand! Contact us to help make that happen, we can swap out any fabric and/or customization’s to help you further expand your wardrobe & update your style!



Dark Grey/Charcoal – First and foremost, if you don’t wear a suit every day make sure you have this in your closet ready to go at a moment’s notice. If you do wear a suit every day, make sure you have this in your closet ready to go at a moment’s notice, this will be your most worn suit.


Light Grey – If you wear suits often this needs to be your secondary suit. It is a great foundation piece to bring some color into your look such as pastels for the spring/summer, dark brown for the fall or ice blues during the winter. This suit allows every color to pop, that is why we love it so much.


Navy Blue – Either light grey or navy blue, it’s your choice. The navy blue is a little dressier and is very popular in the office environment. Pairing it with yellows, browns or your essential white shirt and pocket square will help you get the most out of the look.

Branching Out

From there you can branch out. You can also start to add patterns at this point as well. Pin stripes are a very common go to as most men’s first patterned suit but you really can’t go wrong with your selection. Whether it’s windowpane, herringbone, glen check or houndstooth. Add a few unique colors as well, I personally love the idea of having a red suit to mix and match with your other suits, but it is completely up to you, your profession and how you want to be perceived. Professional or stylish…or both?

A Three Piece

Whatever you color or pattern you choose for your suits, make sure you have one vest. It is great for formal events and to mix into your wardrobe. You can lose the jacket on casual Friday but keep the vest or dress up your look during the week. A vest is completely versatile and can even be worn with jeans, which is why we strongly recommend having one in your wardrobe.


Dress shirts


A solid colored white and light blue shirt is a must, from there add another solid colored shirt that is lighter to be able to mix and match. I personally suggest grey since it looks great as a canvas for your suit and tie to rest on. Once you have your first three solid colors done it’s time to look at patterns where we suggest the gingham check or striped. We strongly suggest you have 5 shirts in your wardrobe, one for every day of the work week.



A black tie is the staple and goes with most looks, once you have that it’s open season, sort of. Own a few solid colors such as red, grey, dark blue and light blue. Think about what look you are trying to portray, professional or business casual, and go from there. With an off the rack suit we would suggest to keep it simple, but with a well tailored suit you can be a little more bold. We suggest a timeless pattern such as a check, striped, polka dot or houndstooth. Owning 3 ties per suit is a good rule to live by, then branch out from there.

RZN,099 Two Tone Blue Houndstooth

Pocket Squares (Handkerchief’s)


Each suit needs to have three pocket squares that you can swap in and out. The go to is always white  and light blue since they go with everything and from there you can play with it. (*Check out our essential pairing of our black tie and white pocket square.).Look at what color your ties are and play off of it with your pocket square, but never match the tie either in pattern (polka dot to polka dot), exact color (red solid tie to red solid pocket square) or material (silk tie to silk pocket square).

Also look at your dress shirt and play off of that. The goal is to compliment, does your tie or shirt have a touch of yellow in it? Add a yellow pocket square, does your tie or dress shirt have a slim red pinstripe pattern? Add a pocket square with a red pattern to it.


In Summary:

Suits2 – Charcoal & Light Grey or Navy

Vest – 1 – Charcoal, Light Grey or Navy

Dress Shirts – 5 – White, light blue, grey, 2 patterned

Ties – 3 Per Suit – Solid Colored black, red, light blue, dark blue, from there branch out into patterns

Pocket Squares – 3 Per Suit –White is the staple, add light blue, from there branch out into colors that compliment your tie and dress shirt.

The good news is we love to do the work for our clients, if you are in the Greater Vancouver or Fraser Valley area contact us for an appointment to build your wardrobe. or 778-808-3877

Also check out our online store where we have paired complimenting ties and pocket squares together for you. If you have any questions at any time we love to hear from our clients and help them update their wardrobe. Contact me personally at and I will be glad to assist you!

Let us know what you’re missing or what your “essentials” are in the comments below, also don’t forget to follow us on social media for a steady stream of great looks to help you better define your style.

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Outfit Overview #2 – Let’s Try Some Color

The other day we put up a “guide to wearing blue” on our LinkedIn page from so let’s jump right into this outfit overview with a favorite blue look of our own.


Let’s talk about matching colors. A very common color of a suit is navy blue or a tan brown. If you see our lookbook of images below you’ll see that all different types of shades of blue and brown go great together. The earth tone of the brown allows the blue to pop out, it doesn’t even have to be a bold blue such as this look where it’s an essential light blue shirt but it still stands out. It can also be a denim addition where you can pair a brown jacket with your favorite pair of jeans to create a more casual look.

If you are looking to add some new colors to your wardrobe we strongly suggest a blue and/or tan suit. Contact us for our Essentials package where we can work within your budget to ensure you have both along with a few new shirts, ties and pocket squares.

Brown & Blue Lookbook

The Red Three Piece

Red Jacket.Black Pants

Now before you jump into this look make sure you know your office dress code. We fully understand the red suit is not for everyone but we also don’t see why not. There are so many ways to wear a red suit whether you are bold enough to wear it together or you just want the subtlety of pairing it together with other parts of your wardrobe. Whatever look you choose we have you covered. Our suggestion is a three piece not so you wear it all together, that would be a bit much, but so you can mix and match it with your other suits or even your jeans.

You’ll commonly see red worn with white or black pants but a little more bold choice would be light blue pants. The red pants can be worn with a grey jacket to bring to life that commonly worn piece you may be getting a little bored of or it can also be worn with a black or white jacket. Just remember dressing well is a confidence game, wear the outfit, don’t let it wear you. Have it fit properly, stand tall and rock it.

Red Lookbook

Bold Accessories

The main reason we bring the red to your attention is not to convince you to wear a red three piece suit as your essential piece of your wardrobe. It is to be a compliment and as we said above, it’s to bring life to that suit you wear every other day. Going a little further, we have seen a lot of very stylish people add a great splash of color to their wardrobe by throwing in the red in different areas. Here are a few example of how we will help you do that, whether it is the vest, tie, pocket square, socks or even the custom lining or pattern in the suit, let’s add a little personality to your look.

Red Accessories Lookbook


Don’t try and be a hero, some Gentleman may be able to pull off the full red suit look but you really don’t need to. By pairing pieces together and accessorizing properly you will look smart and stylish. Whether it’s browns & blues, reds & whites,  or even glen plaid & herringbone, it’s time to add some depth to your wardrobe.


Let us know what your favorite color combinations are in the comments below, also don’t forget to follow us on social media for a steady stream of great looks to help you better define your style.

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Tie Essentials Package

In the spirit of creating outfits for our clients that helps them have a versatile and professional wardrobe we have also created two essentials packages of ties. Each package has 5 ties that go great in an office setting but can also be worn outside of the office of course. In addition each package is buy 4 get 1 free, saving you $49. It also includes free shipping to Canada and The U.S. as well as discounted shipping worldwide!

We always like to point out as well that our ties are 100% silk, handmade and built to last. We stay away from cheap material so you don’t have to worry about replacing your tie collection every year.

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Essentials Package

We have come up with a great package that we call the “essentials” package. Whether you have been in a business professional field for years or are a new graduate you need to dress well and that is where made-to-measure suits come in.

A note before we get started, the chosen fabrics aren’t set in stone and if you see another fabric you like better we can substitute it in instead at no extra cost as long as it is of the same fabric. The essentials package is for those who need a starting point, but if you just want to add to your collection we can make that work for these prices as well.

If you are in need of a tie rack overhaul or upgrade see our tie essentials package #1 and #2 now available on our online store.

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Outfit Overview

Today we are going to look at two different outfits and explain to you what they did right. Our goal is to see you learn how to match your wardrobe to the level you are looking for. If you are a business professional we want to see you dress to impress, if you are desiring to be all around more fashionable then we want to help you with that as well.

Continue reading “Outfit Overview”

Lapels & Ties

So you’ve decided that off the rack is in the past and you’ve jumped ship to the bespoke suit market. Congratulations! You’re on your way to a new level of style you never knew existed. A level full of customization’s you’ve never even thought of, so let’s start to teach you what your best options are.

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