Men’s Guide to Color

As we continue to help our clients establish their own personal brand we want to bring to you the importance of the colors you wear. Whenever you are meeting a client, going for an interview, dressing for work (whether you are new or trying to establish your brand) you’ll want to keep in mind that what you are wearing says something. We will show you what each color portrays and in what situations each color should work best. When we are talking about colors, for the most part we are talking about accessories not the whole outfit. In a Professional environment stick to the light grey, charcoal and navy suit, if you are going for style have fun with these colors.


Colors: Red, Maroon, Purple & Black

Power SuitRZN,021 Maroon,Baby Blue Dots

These colors are best used as a “majority color” in a tie or pocket square. If you pair it with the power suit with the wide peak lapels and pin stripes you will maximize the look. With the power suit and tie, don’t try and upstage your boss, upstage your colleagues. You want to stand out from the competition, not show up those who will place you in a higher position. This is a major reason why we chose red as our accent color in our logo.


Who Should Wear It: CEO’s and high level professionals as well as employees in a setting with their peers.

Creative & Entertaining

Colors: Yellow, Orange, as well as bright colors

Yellow on Blue

ZST,026  180PGL28

This is tricky and a “play it by situation” scenario. Adding subtle bright colors to your outfit sparingly is a win, but when you overdo it you attract the wrong type of attention. In a professional setting use these colors sparingly, meaning hidden in a pattern in your shirt, tie or pocket square. When it’s a night out or a casual Friday feel free to incorporate a bright look to your outfit. As long as your outfit is tailored properly and you don’t look like you are trying for attention it will attract the right compliments.

Who Should Wear It: Those in creative jobs & Professionals on a night out, especially in the summer.


Colors: Blue

2eeedc765949e4d71d21b3c09ad24a24RZN,053 Navy,Silver Stripes

A great color for those who face clients who trust you with their most valued assets. Obviously your actions need to speak the loudest but to gain your clients trust you want to look the most professional and trustworthy. To do this we suggest you wear blue for all of your first meetings and keep the mood professional. Wear a blue suit, white shirt, blue tie and a different shade of blue pocket square or the essential white. Stay away from loud, bright colors.

Who Should Wear It: Those in job’s where trust is key such as the Financial Industry, Real Estate Industry, Law Enforcement & Lawyers.

Wealth & Prosperity

Colors: Green & Purple

Purple Tie Close1IMG_3563

Purple is often a color associated with royalty while green is associated with money. Those who have clients who invest this is a great color for you besides blue. Wear a bold purple tie or a quality fabric such as wool with the above mentioned colors. Don’t overdo it though, you want your clients to trust you. Make sure your clothing is tailored and you are not dressing too Gaudi.

Who Should Wear It: Those in the financial industry or for those working with clients investing either in Real Estate or another large transaction.


Colors: White & Pink

Mid GrayRZN,013 Black Pattern

Nothing says well put together than a white shirt & black tie with a white pocket square. The white shirt & pocket square are essential to any wardrobe. We suggest our clients own one of each in their wardrobe. The clean professional look helps convey safety and even trust.



Who Should Wear It: Those looking to gain trust with colleagues, clients or patients.


Summary: Never overdo a bright color unless you are in an environment where it is acceptable, but tread carefully. A navy, charcoal or light grey suit are your go to’s. From there adding colors with your tie, pocket square or dress shirt help convey the message you are trying to bring across with your outfit. The first thing your clients, colleagues, bosses, date or interviewer will see is the color you are wearing, the second is the fit of your clothing. Give that great first impression with the above advice!