Our Top 20 Style Influencer’s on IG

One thing I personally love to do is peruse Instagram and check out fashion influencer’s.  I am always finding people that have great style and I fully admit I spend too much time on Instagram in a day checking out profiles. I figured it was time to pass that knowledge on to our followers since our main goal as a Men’s Fine Fashion brand is to teach our clients how to dress professionally and/or stylishly. Without further ado, here are our top 20 favorite people on Instagram for style accounts!

20.) @DapperProfessional



The Dapper Professional has impeccable style and a complete wardrobe from the shoes to the hat. It gets even better since we have sent him two ties to be featured on his feed like our pink slim pictured above. A great page and an even greater guy.

19.) @TheDapperScientist


It blows my mind that he only has a few hundred followers. His style is daring but everything he puts together works so well, especially his signature double breasted vests. If you are looking for the confidence to try and pull off that unique style or pattern we hope The Dapper Scientist gives you the confidence you need to go for it!

18.) @DCFashionFool


We love to showcase pops of color on our Instagram feed but we could just direct you to DC Fashion Fool. His accessories are great for creating a pop of color on a neutral or staple colored suit. If you are looking to add some personality to your outfit this is where you should be looking.

17.) @ThePoshman


It’s not just his great suits, dress shirts & accessories it’s his shoes. The Poshman has a great selection of shoes to pair with his suits. If you are looking for inspiration on your full outfit check out his feed.

16.) @TheKingWoods


A lot of our clients flock to a solid colored shirt because it is easy to match with anything, if you want to branch out and learn how to pair your accessories with your shirt this is a guy to follow. He showcases a lot of different patterned shirts and matches it with other patterns or solids. A great influencer to help you expand your dress shirt wardrobe.

15.) @GasketRaynes


First off his account is hilarious, secondly his tie & pocket square game is expansive. If you want to learn how to wear that floral tie with that plaid pocket square or just need a push to risk a little with your ties follow GasketRaynes.

14.) @TheDressedChest


Great ideas on how to wear not only ties, dress shirts & pocket squares but jackets, sweaters, peacoats, top coats, turtlenecks & scarves. This account will help you dress for all seasons, especially the fall & winter.

13.) @JRyneHammons


I don’t know what else to say then he is a fantastic dresser. The patterns, the shoes, the dress shirt collars, the slim lapels, the vast collection…A great person to follow to see many different customization’s you can have on your suit or dress shirt.

12.) @M_Hoye


A unique blend of many different styles all worn with confidence. Whether it is floral pants, a cummerbund or a giant bow tie, Matt Hoye is not afraid to wear it and pull it off. I hope his account gives you the confidence to branch outside of your comfort zone.

11.) @StyleAfter50


He should own the hashtag “LifeGoals” since this is what I aspire to be “after 50“. The patterns and customization’s he chooses are worn with style and confidence. He only has a few hundred followers but we hope his account takes off as more and more people discover his account.

10.) @Meeeotch

Purple Tie Mid

Cracking the top 10 is our friend Meeeotch! Here he is wearing our purple tie from our spring collection (click the link to see his blog post about it) and wearing it well like he does with everything he owns. It doesn’t matter the color or pattern he wears in his expansive collection he matches everything impeccably.

9.) @YaosterStyle


“The Headless Mannequin” as he calls himself has the full package. He matches his pocket squares to his ties and his socks to his pocket square. Rarely do you see someone who has their whole wardrobe put together like this, and his shoe game! So many reasons to follow this account!

8.) @DogsLoveTrucks


This account wins in our books for not having belt loops on pants that are worn with suspenders. It’s that attention to detail that puts DogsLoveTrucks at number 8 on our list. An overall fantastic account from the soon to be Doctor out of Chicago.

7.) @SteveTillyStyle


Anyone who isn’t afraid to add piping to their suit has our respect. It’s not only that attention to detail that has our respect but the great selection of patterns, styles & pocket square flare. An all around great account that will motivate you whether you wear a suit for the office or personal style.

6.) @Justusf_Hansen


Since we have recently launched our topcoats this is a great account to follow but not just because of that. His fashion sense is impeccable when it comes to dressing down a suit but still staying classy and proper, but definitely keep an eye on his style when it comes to wearing a top coat.

5.) @ChrisMehan


Chris is so high on this list not only because of his suit game but his shoes. He knows how to make his whole look stand out from the crowd by adding some great shoes to it. He also has some great dress shirt patterns as well as obviously his ties and pocket squares. Stay tuned for our collaboration with him in the near future.

4.) @Dandchurch


If it’s not his brilliantly textured and pattern suits it’s because he is not afraid to mix in a red or salmon jacket every once in a while. His style is so expansive, he can and does wear anything and he makes it look great and his own.

3.) @TheDapperedGent


I strongly believe in the saying “show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” The Dappered Gent is not only uniquely stylish in his own right but his friends are just as much so. His patterns, colors and style are so well put together it should encourage every man to be bold and stand out in their style. He is under 5,000 followers but deserving to be among the tops.

2.) @TheSuitedTraveller_


Now I am not going to lie, this picture of him in one of my favorite cities Porto, Portugal tilted the scale in his favor but when you peruse his account you will understand why he is ranked so high on our list. Travelling Europe has clearly taught him how to own that European style. For the business traveler this is account you must follow, it proves that it doesn’t matter if you are living out of a suitcase you can still dress your best.

1.) @ChristopherKorey


Our number one choice we recommend every follows is the one and only Christopher Korey from NYC. He not only has impeccable fashion sense but his outlook on life and inspirational posts showcase what a true Gentleman is, he truly has built a strong brand around himself. He is not only successful but motivational and stylish, which is why we have put him as our number one follow!

Honorable Mentions:



Really making a name for himself with a fantastic blog.



He usually shows his full look and it’s always brilliant! With over 150K followers he is well recognized in the fashion world and we highly recommend you give him a follow!



He has a lot of casual looks that kept him off our top 20, but when he wears suits it is always well put together including his personal grooming.



He’s comin’ up! His style game is getting stronger along his self-proclaimed “journey to become a better dresser.” Right now he has less than 100 followers, but we expect that number to grow and grow…and grow.



Now correct me if I’m wrong but I think he has started a movement with #bowtieweek. Anyone who is capable of doing that has some pull in the online fashion community. A great account to follow if you are dressing for the office or looking to be a bit more rugged on your days off.



Loving his shoe game! If you need some inspiration for creating your shoes on our soon to come online designer check his account.



Not exactly a dedicated style account but when he dresses up he defines dapper.He is also very inspirational in his posts and for those combined we suggest you give him a follow. Check his great blog post about wearing colors that every man should read.



One reason we love Johann’s profile is because of its straight forward approach. There is no clutter and it’s easy to follow and see his style. He is great at matching his ties and pocket squares and even throws in the red pants and a topcoat the odd time.