Outfit Overview #5 – Wardrobe Mix & Matching On Top of the Clouds

My mother-in-law turned 65 earlier this month so the whole family took her up Grouse Mountain for dinner. If you are not familiar with Vancouver or if you are but haven’t been up Grouse Mountain I strongly suggest you go! Normally when locals and tourists ascend Grouse it is up the Grouse Grind. A grueling hike that ends basically going straight up the mountain, it usually takes me about 50 minutes and buckets of sweat. However with my 32 weeks pregnant wife and us all well-dressed we took the Gondola.

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Mix and Match


I don’t believe I am able to mix and match my wardrobe as much as I like but I did just that on this night. I started by choosing my Cardero Clothing navy blue glen plaid dress pants (can’t see the pattern in the pictures) and adding my Cardero Clothing light grey suit jacket. I preferred the darker on the bottom to break up the blue a little bit. The navy blue glen plaid suit I own is by far my most popular, clients love it and when I wear it I can almost guarantee they will be interested in a navy blue suit of their own. A side note, the custom lining I have on the jacket is a silver world map, again it is a highly favored by my clients.

Up Top

When it came to the dress shirt I was choosing between our solid white 100% cotton or our 100% 2-ply cotton grey that would off-set the grey suit a little bit but I went with the essential white. The grey almost swayed me because I love the feel of the fabric but I wanted the rest of the look to pop so I chose the white. From there the tie was easy, I chose our two tone blue argyle with silver since the navy matched the pants and the light blue in the tie matched the baby blue herringbone pocket square I wanted to wear. I love the pocket square because the pattern is subtle, and my favorite in a herringbone, and the color is very soft. I have added it to our essentials package because I believe it is extremely versatile.



The Details

The tie knot is an oriental knot, something simple & of course I had to add my OneBarCo tie bar. I bought it on their first Kickstarter campaign and I wear it every chance I get. Since I chose to go sans vest it was only fitting to throw it on. As for the dress socks I went with my gateway to colorful socks pair that has received a lot of wear with the aqua to add another layer of blue to the look. I was going to wear my baby blue striped but they were in the wash since I wear those a lot with my chelsea or chukka boots. To top it off the brown shoes are from someone fashion I admire, Kenneth Cole.



I had fun with it, playing with different ideas and I wore it with pride. On top of the mountain you get all different types of people, the birdwatcher, the avid hiker or the snowshoer, skier and snowboarder milking every last bit of the season, then you have us all dressed up going for a great dinner with a view. It is one of the main reasons I love Vancouver, no matter where you go you will find all different walks of life coming together.

-Derek Burbidge (Owner of Cardero Clothing)

My gorgeous wife and I (32 weeks pregnant!)
View of Vancouver from the Gondola ride down.

What do you think of this outfit?

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