Outfit Overview #3

The Well Put Together


Let’s go straight to the windowpane suit pattern since it is very popular with our clients, if they don’t choose this pattern you can guarantee it’s in their short list. The above picture is a bolder pattern than what most people choose but it helps to illustrate the point. The windowpane pattern itself is blue, so it limits your options on what you can wear with it. Which is why most of our clients opt for a solid color suit or a white pattern instead.

Blue is the obvious best choice to pair with the suit but you can overdue it. So let’s go over the rules that were followed with this look and why it is so well put together.

  • The shirt is lighter than the tie. A good rule to follow when putting outfits together.
  • The shirt could be a solid blue color but they opted for the blue and white stripe which is further used in the rest of the outfit.
  • The blue in the shirt is a close match to the pattern on the suit, pulling the two pieces together.
  • The tie is darker than the shirt with a complimenting color. It also has white polka dots that tie (no pun intended) into the shirt and the pocket square.
  • The pocket square is the essential white that we highly recommend every Gentleman owns. It is a subtle match to the tie and even the shirt’s white stripes.

All together this outfit is very well put together with the color matching. Although we do not recommend this suit for your first, we do believe it is great once you have the essentials in your wardrobe.

The Try Too Hard


Now most of these pieces separately I don’t mind, except the bow tie unless you are a Winnipeg Blue Bombers fan it’s not my style, but all together it is too much. The attempt at muting the look with the vest was a good idea but everything else is so loud and clashing it’s hard to look at. I see this as more of a clowns wardrobe at a Bombers CFL game, but anyways, let’s move on to specifics.

  • There are 3 patterns competing in this outfit with the check suit pattern (which I love) to the striped dress shirt pattern and the bow tie. I would stick to two and opt for losing the bow tie and maybe inverting the dress shirt pattern where the white is more evident over the blue.
  • The vest was a good idea to try and bring a solid color into the look but the cream to beige color was just another addition that wasn’t needed. I would opt for pulling one of the colors out of the suit instead.
  • With those two in mind I would add a white pocket square over the blue with a simple square fold. With everything already going on to add another dynamic to the look with the pocket square folded the way it is just draws the eye again. Pick a focal point and play off of it, don’t keep adding eye catchers.
  • The bow tie needs to go and a solid color needs to be put in place of it. It brings the look down to only two patterns in the shirt and jacket which simplifies the look.

The takeaways from this look are:

  • Choose one focal point and play off of that
  • Only have 2 patterns in your look unless the third is very subtle
  • Never have patterns the same size
  • Don’t overdo it with color.

What do you think of these outfits?

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