What Should Be In My Wardrobe?

We have our very own list of essentials explained on our blog & website that our clients are able to purchase, but what products do you need to build a strong wardrobe? We run through the essentials here. If you already have most of these congratulations it’s time to expand! Contact us to help make that happen, we can swap out any fabric and/or customization’s to help you further expand your wardrobe & update your style!



Dark Grey/Charcoal – First and foremost, if you don’t wear a suit every day make sure you have this in your closet ready to go at a moment’s notice. If you do wear a suit every day, make sure you have this in your closet ready to go at a moment’s notice, this will be your most worn suit.


Light Grey – If you wear suits often this needs to be your secondary suit. It is a great foundation piece to bring some color into your look such as pastels for the spring/summer, dark brown for the fall or ice blues during the winter. This suit allows every color to pop, that is why we love it so much.


Navy Blue – Either light grey or navy blue, it’s your choice. The navy blue is a little dressier and is very popular in the office environment. Pairing it with yellows, browns or your essential white shirt and pocket square will help you get the most out of the look.

Branching Out

From there you can branch out. You can also start to add patterns at this point as well. Pin stripes are a very common go to as most men’s first patterned suit but you really can’t go wrong with your selection. Whether it’s windowpane, herringbone, glen check or houndstooth. Add a few unique colors as well, I personally love the idea of having a red suit to mix and match with your other suits, but it is completely up to you, your profession and how you want to be perceived. Professional or stylish…or both?

A Three Piece

Whatever you color or pattern you choose for your suits, make sure you have one vest. It is great for formal events and to mix into your wardrobe. You can lose the jacket on casual Friday but keep the vest or dress up your look during the week. A vest is completely versatile and can even be worn with jeans, which is why we strongly recommend having one in your wardrobe.


Dress shirts


A solid colored white and light blue shirt is a must, from there add another solid colored shirt that is lighter to be able to mix and match. I personally suggest grey since it looks great as a canvas for your suit and tie to rest on. Once you have your first three solid colors done it’s time to look at patterns where we suggest the gingham check or striped. We strongly suggest you have 5 shirts in your wardrobe, one for every day of the work week.



A black tie is the staple and goes with most looks, once you have that it’s open season, sort of. Own a few solid colors such as red, grey, dark blue and light blue. Think about what look you are trying to portray, professional or business casual, and go from there. With an off the rack suit we would suggest to keep it simple, but with a well tailored suit you can be a little more bold. We suggest a timeless pattern such as a check, striped, polka dot or houndstooth. Owning 3 ties per suit is a good rule to live by, then branch out from there.

RZN,099 Two Tone Blue Houndstooth

Pocket Squares (Handkerchief’s)


Each suit needs to have three pocket squares that you can swap in and out. The go to is always white  and light blue since they go with everything and from there you can play with it. (*Check out our essential pairing of our black tie and white pocket square.).Look at what color your ties are and play off of it with your pocket square, but never match the tie either in pattern (polka dot to polka dot), exact color (red solid tie to red solid pocket square) or material (silk tie to silk pocket square).

Also look at your dress shirt and play off of that. The goal is to compliment, does your tie or shirt have a touch of yellow in it? Add a yellow pocket square, does your tie or dress shirt have a slim red pinstripe pattern? Add a pocket square with a red pattern to it.


In Summary:

Suits2 – Charcoal & Light Grey or Navy

Vest – 1 – Charcoal, Light Grey or Navy

Dress Shirts – 5 – White, light blue, grey, 2 patterned

Ties – 3 Per Suit – Solid Colored black, red, light blue, dark blue, from there branch out into patterns

Pocket Squares – 3 Per Suit –White is the staple, add light blue, from there branch out into colors that compliment your tie and dress shirt.

The good news is we love to do the work for our clients, if you are in the Greater Vancouver or Fraser Valley area contact us for an appointment to build your wardrobe. Sales@CarderoClothing.com or 778-808-3877

Also check out our online store where we have paired complimenting ties and pocket squares together for you. If you have any questions at any time we love to hear from our clients and help them update their wardrobe. Contact me personally at DBurbidge@CarderoClothing.com and I will be glad to assist you!

Let us know what you’re missing or what your “essentials” are in the comments below, also don’t forget to follow us on social media for a steady stream of great looks to help you better define your style.

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