Outfit Overview #2 – Let’s Try Some Color

The other day we put up a “guide to wearing blue” on our LinkedIn page from MenStyleFashion.com so let’s jump right into this outfit overview with a favorite blue look of our own.


Let’s talk about matching colors. A very common color of a suit is navy blue or a tan brown. If you see our lookbook of images below you’ll see that all different types of shades of blue and brown go great together. The earth tone of the brown allows the blue to pop out, it doesn’t even have to be a bold blue such as this look where it’s an essential light blue shirt but it still stands out. It can also be a denim addition where you can pair a brown jacket with your favorite pair of jeans to create a more casual look.

If you are looking to add some new colors to your wardrobe we strongly suggest a blue and/or tan suit. Contact us for our Essentials package where we can work within your budget to ensure you have both along with a few new shirts, ties and pocket squares.

Brown & Blue Lookbook

The Red Three Piece

Red Jacket.Black Pants

Now before you jump into this look make sure you know your office dress code. We fully understand the red suit is not for everyone but we also don’t see why not. There are so many ways to wear a red suit whether you are bold enough to wear it together or you just want the subtlety of pairing it together with other parts of your wardrobe. Whatever look you choose we have you covered. Our suggestion is a three piece not so you wear it all together, that would be a bit much, but so you can mix and match it with your other suits or even your jeans.

You’ll commonly see red worn with white or black pants but a little more bold choice would be light blue pants. The red pants can be worn with a grey jacket to bring to life that commonly worn piece you may be getting a little bored of or it can also be worn with a black or white jacket. Just remember dressing well is a confidence game, wear the outfit, don’t let it wear you. Have it fit properly, stand tall and rock it.

Red Lookbook

Bold Accessories

The main reason we bring the red to your attention is not to convince you to wear a red three piece suit as your essential piece of your wardrobe. It is to be a compliment and as we said above, it’s to bring life to that suit you wear every other day. Going a little further, we have seen a lot of very stylish people add a great splash of color to their wardrobe by throwing in the red in different areas. Here are a few example of how we will help you do that, whether it is the vest, tie, pocket square, socks or even the custom lining or pattern in the suit, let’s add a little personality to your look.

Red Accessories Lookbook


Don’t try and be a hero, some Gentleman may be able to pull off the full red suit look but you really don’t need to. By pairing pieces together and accessorizing properly you will look smart and stylish. Whether it’s browns & blues, reds & whites,  or even glen plaid & herringbone, it’s time to add some depth to your wardrobe.


Let us know what your favorite color combinations are in the comments below, also don’t forget to follow us on social media for a steady stream of great looks to help you better define your style.

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Of course don’t forget to check us out at CarderoClothing.com


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