Outfit Overview

Today we are going to look at two different outfits and explain to you what they did right. Our goal is to see you learn how to match your wardrobe to the level you are looking for. If you are a business professional we want to see you dress to impress, if you are desiring to be all around more fashionable then we want to help you with that as well.

Outfit 1 – The Three Piece Seasonal


The great thing about this look is it stands out but it doesn’t overwhelm the eye. The pattern on the suit is subtle enough that it can be worn at work and be acceptable and not considered overly flashy. In a professional environment, especially if you are new to patterns or wanting to up your style this suit works great since it isn’t a bold change. Let’s call it a gateway suit to patterns.

Another great thing about this outfit is the colors, brown is always in during the fall season. It helps with the addition of the dark brown tie with a very slight pattern to compliment the light brown suit. From there we see a pin stripe dress shirt that is very subtle in color which again doesn’t overwhelm the look. The addition of a matching plain white pocket square completes the whole look.


  • Never over do it with patterns, keep it subtle and don’t have them compete.
  • If you are changing up your style start with subtle patterns and color changes. It doesn’t mean you can’t go bold but by easing into it you will most likely learn more and be more careful about how you pair items together.

Outfit 2 – The Quiet Bold


If you are looking to be bold in your style you shouldn’t feel the need to add large patterns and loud colors to everything you’re wearing. Pick out one or two pieces of clothing and build around that. What I do first is decide on the suit I will be wearing and build off of that. Having a dark/charcoal and light grey suit should be a go to for every gentleman before you start to add patterns and colors to your suits. You can use those two colors as your base and build off of it by mix and matching your dress shirt, tie and pocket square.

In this look we have the staple light grey suit that is personalized with bright colors. We have said before having pastel colors and solid color shirts are great for building off of, they can match with anything. The dress shirt in this look is what stands out. From there it is paired with a complimenting color in the tie, notice the width of the tie matches the width of the lapel. To top of the look is a patterned pocket square that is not loud like the shirt and arguably the tie color.


  • Have your staple suits, light grey and dark/charcoal grey. They are great for mixing and matching outfits.
  • Have solid colored or subtle patterned shirts, these are also great for mixing and matching.
  • Once you have these in place you can really be free to buy whatever catches your eye, but know your wardrobe. When you purchase an article of clothing whether it be a suit or especially a dress shirt, tie or pocket square have in mind what it could match.

In the new year we will be launching our online sales which will give you the option to buy products that match each other. We will be starting with our ties and pocket squares before we move into dress shirts, then suits.


Let us know in the comments what you think!

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