Suit Patterns

We are going to quickly touch on the most popular suit patterns so you know what you are looking at. Most customers who come to us don’t really know what they want or what their options are. Our best advice is to always make sure you have your every day, staple suit before you start to go for patterns.

1.) The Solid Pattern

This should be your first suit. We suggest having a light to mid grey and a dark grey to charcoal suit. These suits are extremely versatile and with our inventory of dress shirts, ties, pocket squares and of course style tips, you can truly expand your wardrobe by mix and matching. The dark grey to charcoal are best for colder weather while the light to mid grey suit is best for the summer and weddings. From there you can add some stylish patterned suits to your wardrobe.

2.) The Windowpane

Light Grey w. Orange pulled out

Let’s touch on the windowpane next since it seems to becoming the most popular pattern most recently. Also known as the windowpane check this pattern can be bold in color like above or soft like the navy blue with thin light blue checks that we sold earlier this week. You can go bold or go subtle with any patterned suit but the windowpane is so much in style these days you might want to give it a chance.

3.) The Houndstooth

A heavier and definitely louder pattern, the houndstooth can completely take over a look and help you stand out. This suit takes confidence but it also takes wisdom to pull it off. You need to make sure you wear solid colors or very soft and subtle patterns with it. Let the suit hold its own, don’t try and go to battle with the houndstooth pattern or you will lose.

4.) The Herringbone

A very soft and professional look is the Herringbone. This is one of my favorite patterns since it’s so classy and can be paired with many different loud patterns such as Houndstooth or a gingham check shirt.

5.) The Check

Another stylish pattern that has taken off in recent years, a check pattern suit is a great option for mix and matching suits. Wear the suit jacket with solid pants or vice versa, or simply wear it together. Like the houndstooth this is a loud pattern that should be paired with solid colors and soft patterns. The check pattern suit exudes style and confidence.

6.) The Stripes

The classic look that everyone knows of, the pin stripe. Although many people wear them, not everyone should. The pin stripe is best for those who are shorter as it makes you look taller and for those who are larger since it elongates your frame. If you are taller you might want to avoid the pin stripes.

7.) The Glen Urquhart Plaid

I’ve saved my favorite for last, the Glen Urquhart plaid a.k.a. Glen Check. This suit can be as flashy or as subtle as you want. I bought my navy blue in the summer and I love it! The mix of small and large check patterns of dark and light colors not only make the suit itself look great but it helps expand your wardrobe by giving you more options of what to match it with. Especially if you purchase a white and black Glen Check suit.

Now that you know the most popular suit patterns, what is your favorite? Comment below to let us know!

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10 thoughts on “Suit Patterns

  1. I’ve always preferred a solid color suit for it’s versatile use based on occasions. I also really like the colors on the houndstooth suit shown #hardworkeasyliving


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