The Number One Mistake

Those styles look great don’t they? It looks like these people have it all put together but they are making the greatest mistake you can make when it comes to Men’s suits. They are matching the tie to the pocket square! I understand that lots of department and Men’s fashion stores sell them in packages but it’s wrong and it’s about time you know about it. Here are a couple of quick rules to live by:

1.) Never let the tie match the pocket square in material


For example in this look the knit tie and the pocket square are two totally different materials. If you have a knit tie don’t have a knit pocket square. If you have a silk tie try a cotton pocket square instead.

2.) Never match the colors of the tie and pocket squares

Yellow on Blue

You can have the pocket square stand out as a completely different complimenting color than the tie or you can pull a subtle color from the tie and use it in the pocket square.

3.) Never match patterns

If your tie is polka dot, don’t have a polka dot pocket square. To go one further if your tie is a loud and bold pattern have either a plain color pocket square or a very subtle pattern such as Herringbone or a tight Gingham Check.

Starting in January we will be offering numerous different pairing options for ties and pocket squares. We’ll help you match your accessories well and expand your wardrobe. For now, follow us on Instagram for more great style tips and visuals!

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