Button Up

Details, details, details…If you are looking to impress it’s all in the details. We’ve talked about matching your tie and pocket square; as well as the different dress shirt patterns and suit patterns; and yesterday we looked at the type of lapel you should wear with your body type and the tie to match. If you have been buying off the rack you have most likely over looked these options but now you can choose. Let’s continue today on helping you do that by talking about the buttons on your suit.

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Lapels & Ties

So you’ve decided that off the rack is in the past and you’ve jumped ship to the bespoke suit market. Congratulations! You’re on your way to a new level of style you never knew existed. A level full of customization’s you’ve never even thought of, so let’s start to teach you what your best options are.

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Shirt Patterns

Yesterday we ran through suit patterns, so today let’s run through shirt patterns. Like we said yesterday a lot of customers come to us and have no idea where to start when it comes to choosing a new suit, it’s not the same with a shirt. You can’t really go wrong since shirts are easy to match to that staple suit or even a soft patterned one. But let’s run through some of your options.

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Suit Patterns

We are going to quickly touch on the most popular suit patterns so you know what you are looking at. Most customers who come to us don’t really know what they want or what their options are. Our best advice is to always make sure you have your every day, staple suit before you start to go for patterns.

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The Number One Mistake

Those styles look great don’t they? It looks like these people have it all put together but they are making the greatest mistake you can make when it comes to Men’s suits. They are matching the tie to the pocket square! I understand that lots of department and Men’s fashion stores sell them in packages but it’s wrong and it’s about time you know about it. Here are a couple of quick rules to live by:

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